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Sukam Inverters
Sukam Inverters

Sukam Inverters and Home UPS helps you keep the lights, fans and sensitive appliances running even when the main power goes off – thus saving you from constant hassles caused by frequent power cuts. With the latest technologies for surge protection and battery backup even under low voltage condition, su-kam inverters are suitable even for very sophisticated equipments.

Su-kam Inverters come with some of the excellent features like:

  • Extra protection from high voltage, short circuit, low voltage and overload conditions
  • SMPS based charger which ensures charging of battery even at low voltage and thus enhancing battery life
  • Two modes to chose from – 1 for running sensitive appliances like computer and 1 for normal loads
  • The new FLC technology which switches of the charger when battery is fully charged – thus saving you electricity bill
  • Beep alarm and LED light display for over-load conditions
  • Silent switchover from main power to back-up power – no humming sound
  • Ability to handle high inflow of current thus providing support even for heavy load equipments

Sukam Inverters come with a trolley also which ensures that you can keep it anywhere you want and move it easily if required. The trolley also keeps your floor free from any spillage that might occur from the battery.

There are different models for Sukam Inverters and Home UPS:

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