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Sukam Inverters
Sukam Fusion Series Commercial UPS

Sukam FusionSukam Fusion series ups and inverters are suitable for commercial use. These 48V inverters come in various capacity ranging from 2.5KVA to 3.5KVA. These Sukam Inverters are world’s smallest commercial ups which supports air conditioners. Sukam Fusion series has some powerful features like:

  • Generates 100% pure sine wave output which is completely stable and distortion free thus can be used even for very sophisticated  appliances
  • Instantly switches over to battery mode thus providing uninterrupted power supply to all connected equipments – which increases the life of delicate appliances
  • Automatically switches to battery mode in case of very high or low voltage thus protecting  valuable equipments from any kind of damage
  • Supplies a constant power irrespective of changing load thus lets equipments run normally in all load conditions. For e.g. speed of fan remains same even if load on inverter changes.
  • Uses a patented fuzzy logic charging technology which senses requirement of battery charging and accordingly adjusts it – hence increasing battery life and decreasing the need of water topping
  • Displays warning in case of high system temperature and shuts down automatically
  • Is  compatible with generator hence can be charged with any kind of generator – this letting you recharge the battery with unused power of generator

Sukam Fusion Series Commercial UPS can be used to provide back-up for:

  • Television
  • CFL Bulbs
  • Fans
  • Tubelights
  • Computers
  • Air Coolers
  • Air Conditioner
  • Room Heater
  • Refrigerator

The fusion 2.5KVA commercial UPS from Sukam can be used in different load conditions:

  • 1 Television, 2 Fans, 2 Tubelights, 2 CFL Bulbs, 1 Air Conditioner
  • 1 Television, 2 Fans, 2 Tubelights, 8 CFL Bulbs, 1 Air Cooler, 1 Fridge
  • 1 Television, 3 Fans, 1 Tubelight, 4 CFL Bulbs, 1 Computer, 1 Fridge

To know the price details for this model in your city, fill up your sukam inverter requirement here.

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