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Sukam Inverters
Sukam Sturdy 600VA Home UPS

Sukam SturdySukam Sturdy is a 600VA/12V Home UPS suitable for basic power back-up need for home. Sukam Sturdy 600VA UPS supports all basic home appliances like television, tubelights, fans etc. and comes with some great features like:

  • Provides 100% pure sine wave output – which means no noise and no time gap between back-up switchovers
  • Gives instant switchover to computers – thus letting it run uninterrupted without rebooting
  • Supports computer for extra long hours
  • Friendly display alerts for overload
  • Saves 40% extra bill compared to normal square wave inverters
  • Comes with smart sensing mechanism for overload and short circuit protection

Sukam Sturdy Home UPS can be used to provide back-up for:

  • Television
  • CFL Bulbs
  • Fans
  • Tubelights
  • Computers

This 600VA Home UPS from Sukam can be used in different load conditions:

  • 1 Computer, 2 Tubelights, 2 Fans
  • 4 Tubelights, 3 Fans
  • 1 Television, 4 Tubelights, 2 Fans

To know the price details for this model in your city, fill up your sukam inverter requirement here.

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